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Dead Poets Society Film Script by Tom Schulman

By Tom Schulman

As a part of the Script Publishing venture this screenplay is gifted in its precise structure, simply because the writers wrote it. it isn't summarized or revised by any means. the primary in the back of this real structure process is that the style within which phrases are set down at the web page can dramatically have an effect on the way in which a script is learn.

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KNOX No relation. Never heard of him. Sorry, guys. BUBBA (obviously drunk) Where's your manners Steve? Mutt Sanders' brother, we don't even offer him a drink. Here. Go have some whiskey, pal. Bubba hands Knox a glass and fills it up. STEVE Yeah. KNOX Whoa, I, uh, I don't really drink-BUBBA To Mutt. STEVE To Mutt. The two guys raise their glasses in a toast and Knox reluctantly joins them. KNOX To Mutt. They each take a big drink. Knox rolls his eyes and gasps, loosening his tie to try and breathe.

Todd begins to gag and then goes down on his knees, vomiting into the snow. The other boys huddle around him, hugging him. CHARLIE Todd. It's okay, Todd. PITTS Calm down. CHARLIE It's all right, Todd. PITTS Todd, it's okay. It's okay, Todd. CHARLIE It's all right. It's alright. Charlie grabs a handful of snow and wipes Todd's mouth with it. TODD He wouldn't-- He wouldn't have done it. MEEKS You can't explain it, Todd. TODD It was his father! CHARLIE No! TODD He wouldn't have left us. It's because heHe wouldn't have.

Knox walks away down the hall and the others chase after him. CHARLIE What did she say? I know she had to say something. PITTS Come here, Knox. KNOX Seize the day! INT. KEATING'S CLASSROOM - DAY Keating walks from the front of the classroom to Neil's desk. Neil is the only student remaining in the class. KEATING Did you talk to your father? NEIL Uh, he didn't like it one bit, but at least he's letting me stay in the play. He won't be able to make, make it. He's in Chicago. But, uh, I think he's gonna let me stay with acting.

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