Days Like Floating Water, A Story of Modern China by Susan Edwards McKee

By Susan Edwards McKee

Trip with a California couple as they train English to cautious students in rural, Communist China. NATO bombs decimate the chinese language consulate in Yugoslavia so outrage spills round their campus. How do lonely americans react? Later as belief deepens on both sides you could immerse your self in China's actual center and soul, within the lifestyles ot its daily humans. This tale is fantastically written, regularly interesting, usually humorous, occasionally poignant.

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Jenny took us by bus across town one day to a huge store, which she explained is a joint venture with the Germans, a Wal-Mart wannabe with clothing, toys, appliances and food. Now we make the journey every week or ten days. ) and meat sealed in clean cellophane. At least I don’t see flies crawling over the slabs of meat. We fill our backpacks and large plastic bags with our cherished purchases, then hail one of the many hovering taxis for a luxurious ride home. Since electrical power is scarce and unreliable throughout China, and the prices of appliances are beyond the reach of most, a toaster is a luxury.

Terrific! ” We invite them to come visit us in our apartment in the evening some time and step inside. We dump the books on the kitchen table and collapse into an easy chair, having learned from hilarious but sometimes painful experience not to lean sideways. We don’t have another class until after lunch, but we’re finally launched. It’s obvious the students are wary and fearful of their first contact with Americans, but we feel that we can convince them that we’re humans too and that we want to know and appreciate them as individual persons while we help them learn our language.

They both thought he had a remission, after surviving a near-death cure at UCLA, possibly because they needed to serve that time in Laos. Rob and I figured we could do as much. He and I talked late into many nights, and the seed of possibility embedded in my heart. The first “fish” perhaps? Our three kids are grown, launched, two with spouses. Our one eight-year-old grandchild Jordan is a wiry, bouncy girl with a mane WHY VOLUNTEER 23 of golden-brown hair, and we adore her. Do I need to feel needed now?

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