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The Garlic Ballads: A Novel

WINNER OF THE 2012 NOBEL PRIZE IN LITERATUREThe farmers of Paradise County were top a hardscrabble lifestyles unchanged for generations. The Communist govt has inspired them to plant garlic, yet promoting the crop isn't really so simple as they believed. Warehouses refill, taxes skyrocket, and govt officers maltreat even those that have traveled for days to promote their harvest.

Gao Xingjian's idea of theatre: from the word to the image

This ebook argues that Gao Xingjian's concept of Theatre can purely be defined through his extensive wisdom and use of assorted chinese language and Western theatrical, literary, inventive and philosophical traditions. the writer goals to teach how Gao's theories of the theatre of anti-illusion, theatre of wide awake conference, of the "poor theatre" and overall theatre, of the impartial actor and the actor - jester - storyteller are derived from the a ways japanese culture, and to what quantity they've been encouraged through twentieth century Euro-American reformers of theatre corresponding to Antonin Artaud, Bertolt Brecht, Vsevol.

Encoding and Decoding of Emotional Speech: A Cross-Cultural and Multimodal Study between Chinese and Japanese

​This e-book addresses the topic of emotional speech, specially its encoding and deciphering procedure in the course of interactive communique, in keeping with a much better model of Brunswik’s Lens version. the method is proven to be stimulated through the speaker’s and the listener’s linguistic and cultural backgrounds, in addition to via the transmission channels used.

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