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Contemporary British Politics by Bill Coxall, Lynton Robins, Robert Leach (auth.)

By Bill Coxall, Lynton Robins, Robert Leach (auth.)

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Almost everyone may gain if the national economy prospers, and almost everyone may lose if there is a serious recession. However, within the country there will be relative winners and losers from national economic policy. g. childless couples, one-parent families, pensioners) will be affected by changes in tax and spending. Over time some sections of the community may become progressively better off, while others become worse off. Inequality in the country as a whole may grow or lessen. Economic policy clearly helps determine who gets what, where, how, and must be an important focus of any account of politics (see especially Chapter 21).

Others would stress the need for more cooperation between nations to resolve essentially global problems – peace and security, world poverty, population growth and resources, the future of the planet – that imply the need for decisions and compromises above state level. This raises some questions about the whole future of independent sovereign nation-states in an apparently increasingly interdependent globalized world. Perhaps formerly powerful and independent states like Britain are inevitably losing real power and influence in a new global or European politics.

The European Union raises some particularly important questions about levels of decision Definitions An independent sovereign state is a state that has a monopoly of supreme (or sovereign) power within its borders, not subject to interference in its internal affairs by any outside power. Globalization is a term that emphasises the increasing interdependence of people, organisations and states in the modern world, and the growing influence of global economic, cultural and political forces or trends.

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