Computer aided and integrated manufacturing systems : a by Cornelius T Leondes

By Cornelius T Leondes

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W. Lam et al. against solid object represented by STL is presented as follows: Procedure ClassifyOctantVsSolid ( Oi, S ) Oi is the octant to be classified against the solid object S. e. inside, outside, or partial). */ { If ( Oi does not intersect with the bounding box of S ) then return OUT; End If While ( Not all tessellated triangles are classified ) { Ti <— Take one tessellated triangle of dS; If ( Oi intersects with the bounding box of Ti ) then { If ( Oi intersects with Ti ) then return NIO; End If } End If } End While /* Up to this point, Oi is either IN or OUT */ return CheckOctantlNorOUT ( Oi, S ) ; } End Procedure ClassifyOctantVsSolid The procedure CheckOctantlNorOUT is used to determine whether an octant is inside or outside a solid by projecting a ray, say, in the positive y-direction from a point, say P , on the diagonal of the octant.

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