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Complete Works of Pir-O-Murshid Hazrat Inayat Khan: Lectures by Hazrat Inayat Khan

By Hazrat Inayat Khan

All recognized talks compiled from unique assets

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The" omitte d 5 . )Gr. tp . : "the fact" instead of a comm a 6 . )Gr. tp . : "it" instead of "things " 7 . )Gr. tp . : "when the" omitted 9 were fertile and there was ample to eat. At the present time the lands which have been used in former times for cultivation are now' occupied by factories and 9industrial purposes ; and there are many countries in Europe just now which have to depend for their food on other countries, having allowed the whole land to be used for industrial purposes . The consequence is that the principal need of human life, which is food, is not independently produced in one's own land .

Tp . : "sides " 57 . )Gr . tp . : " is" added 31 Copied from the book The Inner Life , 1st ed . III Fulfilment of the Obligations of Human Life The position of the person living the inner life becomes like that of a grown-up person living among many children . At the same time, outwardly there seems no such difference as is apparent in the age of the children and the grown person, the difference lying in the size of his outlook, which is not always apparent . One who lives the inner life becomes much older than those around him, and yet outwardly he is the same as every other person .

An open spac e 17 . )Gr. : "that" changed into "for' 18 . Ibid . : "and" added 25 A typescript made by Shabaz Mitchell from his own shorthand reporting of the lecture . The Problem of the Day 3 When speaking of the question of the mental development of humanity, I should like to say that what is mostly needed in these critical times in the world, is the right mentality . ' Wrong mentality is the wrong attitude of mind . It is upon 'attitude of mind that the whole life of men' depends--his rise, his fall, his success, his failure, his happiness, or unhappiness, all are mostl y Documents: Sz .

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