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Comparative Dictionary of Ge'ez (Classical Ethiopic): by Wolf Leslau

By Wolf Leslau

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Agii::en. 'a~adu (acc. ,. b hll, (Lt) 'a~ exclamation of pain or grief. sighing; 'ah bahla (Lt) 'groan'; Ar. 'ah, 'Qh, >iiJui, exclamation of pain. 'altha 'moan, complain', Heb. 'rihiih 'alas', related to SEMITIC: 'iiI). Syr 'ah. NOle that in Heb. l (cp. '). ETRJOPIC Te. ', Amb. ah, exclamation of sorro",·, gnef. iJh3h alii 'utter a cry of sorrow', Gur. ux borij 'sigh'; also in Cushitic: Bil. Af. ah. Som. oh. Iadu 'ahadu, lalla 'a~adu 'a~adu, babba 'a/:tadu 'everyone. each one, separately, individually'); ('i-'a/:tadu 'not one'); ('i·ba-'a/:tadu 'not in the slightest'); ('a/:tadu ...

Af'mouth', Be. Qab. 380 bis), See also 'aJawa. M, 'afli (Ll) 'dagger'; ErnlOPIC: Te. afa 'short sword'. See also 'aJol, ~afii 'ef, ,if h,tj: , h. tj: 'kind of measure'; from Heb. lepa through Greek transcription oiplu; also Te. 'uJ Note that Heb. 61). '; 'affo-nu. f'3, 'af'a htj:>, : htt:h 'out, outSIde, outsIde part outdoors. outward, out"de of on the outsld~, beyond'; with suffix pronoun, c g. ba'aJ'a-hu 'outside of it' , ~receded or fOllow~ by prepOSitions : b,,· '''I '0 outsl~e, Outwardly, "nta 'a('aabroad.

M. m (D), 'eliite , (T) 'fir'; from Gk. elate 'fir'; also in Syr. 'eliite 'fir trees' See also 'iliirinus. >eliile'as h,l\mhn (T) 'juniper'; probably for >eliirenus; see 'iliirinus, below. from ArabiC ·al·sunbula; see also sanbulii. AIIAn (T) 'gateway of a church compound'; snakes'; see 'a/yiiron. , 'third', >elsip h,AIIT (T,M) = Amh, wiigiin whose various meanings are 'side, flank, clan, kin'. , fern. sg. k, >ama hoo (preposition) 'at the time or, on, In (rollowed by a time word)'; see Dillmann 1907' (it translates Heb.

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