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Common Scents: Comparative Encounters in High-Victorian by Janice Carlisle

By Janice Carlisle

Who smells? Surveying approximately 80 novels written within the 1860s to respond to that rude query, universal Scents presents a brand new examining of Victorian values, quite as they examine the relative advantages of guys and girls, spirit and topic. In depictions of comparative encounters, the standard conferences of daily life, such fiction usually registers the inequalities that distinguish one person from one other via marking considered one of them with a scent. In a shockingly constant style, those references represent what cultural anthropologists name an osmology, a process of differentiations that finds the prestige inside a selected tradition of the individuals and issues linked to particular odors. that includes usually risk free or even probably unique aromas emanating from foodstuff, plants, and likely different types of hard work, novels of the 1860s array their characters into designated different types, discovering in a few instead of others olfactory facts in their materiality. valuable to this osmology is the variation among characters who supply off odors and people who don't, and this examine attracts upon the paintings of Victorian psychophysiologists and renowned commentators at the senses to set up the subtlety with which fictional representations make that contrast. through exploring the far-reaching implications of this osmology in particular novels via Dickens, Eliot, Meredith, Oliphant, Trollope, and Yonge, universal Scents argues that the strikingly comparable plots and characterizations usual of the 1860s, responding as they do to the commercial and political issues of the last decade, reconfigure traditional understandings of the relatives among women and men. settling on who smells finds what Victorian tradition at its epitome takes without any consideration as a deeply embedded logic, the popularity of whose self-evident fact appears to be like as instinctive and automated as a reaction to an scent.

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Because such encounters underscore the primarily affective nature of smelling as a sensory process, they cast those who experience them as    relatively refined, even if the characters in question are the children of a penniless miller. Rachel feels more or less mild distaste, Maggie and Tom experience shame, the young lady of Cometh up as a Flower and the would-be lady of Evan Harrington register disdain; and these characters respond in such ways immediately and automatically, as if they were reacting instinctively to the inferiority of the persons whom they have just encountered.

But by] an unlimited extension of the working day, you may in one day use up a quantity of labour-power greater than I can restore in three. . You pay me for one day’s labour-power, while you use three days of it. That is against our contract and the law of commodity exchange. I therefore demand a working day of normal length, and I demand it without any appeal to your heart, for in money matters sentiment is out of place. , and you may be in the odour of sanctity as well; but the thing you represent when you come face to face with me has no heart in its breast.

Marx introduces the    words of the worker as if he, Marx, were playing the role of the narrator of a novel written in the historical present: Suddenly . . there arises the voice of the worker, which had previously been stifled in the sound and fury of the production process: “The commodity [labour-power] I have sold you differs from the ordinary crowd of commodities in that its use creates value, a greater value than it costs. That is why you bought it. . You and I know on the market only one law, that of the exchange of commodities.

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