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Clinical otology by Myles L. Pensak, Daniel I. Choo

By Myles L. Pensak, Daniel I. Choo

..a thoroughly revised deition of Hughes' Textbook of medical Otology, the textual content covers easy technological know-how, diagnostics , administration, and rehabilitation...the diagnostic strategy is aided by means of the addition of colour pictures

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Laryngoscope 1994;104:309–320 ◆ Appendix The following photomicrographs are horizontal and vertical selected serial sections of right human temporal bones. Each section is presented with an inset line drawing that gives the approximate level of the section with respect to the bony labyrinth. The horizontal series, seen first, is from a 5-year-old boy. The vertical series progresses from superior to inferior, starting posterolaterally and heading anteromedially; both series follow the plane of the cochlear modiolus.

Moreano EH, Paparella MM, Zelterman D, Goycoolea MV. Prevalence of carotid canal dehiscence in the human middle ear; a report of 1000 temporal bones. Laryngoscope 1994;104:612–618 25. Bold EL, Wanamaker HH, Hughes GB, et al. Magnetic resonance angiography of vascular anomalies of the middle ear. Laryngoscope 1994;104:1404–1411 26. Mazzoni A. Internal auditory canal arterial relations at the porus acusticus. Ann Otol Rhinol Laryngol 1969;78:797–814 27. Reisser C, Schuknecht HF. The anterior inferior cerebellar artery in the internal auditory canal.

This chapter discusses the nature of acoustics and the way sound can be described and measured. The physiology of sound, which is the input to the auditory system, is discussed as it traverses through the outer, middle, and inner ear to the brain. ◆ Acoustics Acoustics is the science that is concerned with the production, control, transmission, reception, and effects of sound. , air, water, metal). In the case of hearing, sound is the sensation perceived by the ear. This sound energy is captured by the outer ear, transformed by the middle ear, and transduced by the inner ear.

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