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China, Space Weapons, and U.S. Security (Csr) by Bruce W. Macdonald

By Bruce W. Macdonald

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What is it with those people? I think I was speaking English ú.. the more I asked for additional security, the more they interpreted it as if the security that's already here isn't good enough. They didn't seem to be hearing the ends of any of my sentences. Those pointy-headed desk jockeys have no idea how much trouble can occur on a station this far out, or how well Odo has managed to deflect most of it. " "No, you can't," she confirmedú "It would only substantiate what he already thinks... " Stiffly, he pulled the chair around and got up, gnashing his way about the office to burn off some of this aggravation.

Feeling like either a bad liar or a miserable actress, Kira dropped the pretense. "Maybe it is," she said. "Maybe I'm your friend. And maybe I want you to see that you're still needed here, regardless of what some idiot Starfleet admiral might think. " His eyes moved inside that formless face, but he didn't turn to her. Pushing the point, she went on. "Odo, we're taking an untried ship into what may be a combat situation. There's a Romulan officer aboard. " He kept looking out the window. Said nothing.

They acted as if both he and I were crazy... " He turned toward her with an entreating hand extended, and got another one of those little shocks. For an instant he had been talking to Curzon--the same vocal inflections, the same logic, the same manner of egging him on through his thoughts. And there was Jadzia Dax looking back at him, gorgeous, settled, placid--what was a normal, healthy human male supposed to do when his oldest pal suddenly changed into an incredibly beautiful female? She saw the look and her mouth turned up into the Cupid's bow again.

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