Carrier transport in nanoscale MOS transistors by Hideaki Tsuchiya, Yoshinari Kamakura

By Hideaki Tsuchiya, Yoshinari Kamakura

A finished complicated point exam of the delivery concept of nanoscale devices

  • Provides complicated point fabric of electron delivery in nanoscale units from easy rules of quantum mechanics via to complicated concept and numerous numerical strategies for electron transport
  • Combines a number of up to date theoretical and numerical methods in a unified demeanour, equivalent to Wigner-Boltzmann equation, the hot development of service shipping learn for nanoscale MOS transistors, and quantum correction approximations
  • The authors method the topic in a logical and systematic means, reflecting their large instructing and study backgrounds

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13, the amount of which is the largest for biaxial strain and is the smallest for uniaxial <110 > strain. The present results are consistent with the previous results, based on the empirical n­ on‐ local pseudopotential method by Uchida et al. 18] and Ungersboeck et al. 20]. 13. As Uchida et al. 14(c). For comparison purposes, the computed mT values are compared with those of Uchida et al. 18] and Ungersboeck et al. 15. It is found that the trend of effective mass modulation due to uniaxial <110 > strain is the same for both methods, though the present first‐principles method predicts smaller variation in mT than the empirical non‐local pseudopotential method.

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