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9, 2005 Venus is a little smaller than the Earth and has a dense atmosphere. Because it is located at slightly more than 67 million miles (108 million km) from the Sun, it receives almost twice the solar energy as the surface of the Earth. The Venus Express is the first mission of the European Space Agency to Venus. The scientific aims include studying in detail the atmosphere, the plasma medium, the surface of the planet, and surface-atmosphere interactions. It was launched from the Baikonur cosmodrome on Nov.

KEY HOW IT CAPTURES IMAGES COSTAR The optical device that corrected the defective original mirror of the Hubble. The device was put in place by space shuttle astronauts in 1993. The Hubble uses a system of mirrors that receive the light and cause it to converge until it reaches a focus. Direction of the light Secondary Mirror Secondary Mirror A scientific instrument where the image is formed Secondary Mirror Primary Mirror Primary Mirror Primary Mirror WFPC WFPC WFPC EXTERNAL LAYER protects the telescope from external damage.

Used as a lubricants and adhesives and for waterproofing, ice-cube trays, and medical applications. Domestic Uses Frequent space travel has brought the application of new technologies to the home environment. Such is the case with microwave ovens and dehydrated food. It is only recently that they became part of the daily routine of the family in the home. TEFLON VELCRO FOOD MICROWAVE OVENS The explorers dry their food and keep it in a cool place. The menu includes dried fruit, smoked turkey, flour tortillas, soy-milk cheese, walnuts, and peanuts.

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