Biomaterials for MEMS by Mu Chiao, Jung-Chih Chiao

By Mu Chiao, Jung-Chih Chiao

This ebook serves as a consultant for training engineers, researchers, and scholars drawn to MEMS units that use biomaterials and biomedical functions. it's also appropriate for engineers and researchers attracted to MEMS and its purposes yet who wouldn't have the mandatory historical past in biomaterials.

Biomaterials for MEMS highlights vital gains and problems with biomaterials which were utilized in MEMS and biomedical components. accordingly this publication is a vital consultant for MEMS engineers or researchers who're educated in engineering institutes that don't give you the history or wisdom in biomaterials. the subjects contain fabrication of units utilizing biomaterials; biocompatible coatings and concerns; thin-film biomaterials and MEMS for tissue engineering; and functions concerning MEMS and biomaterials.

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Ltd. indd 34 14/02/2011 11:19 AM Spider Silk as a MEMS Material 25 dried. Finally, the plastic substrate was immersed in water to ”etch” away the sugar, leaving the free-standing Ni/spider-silk microbridge shown in Fig. 2 mm). A conventional M (magnetization) versus H (magnetizing field) hysteresis loop was measured and plotted for the Ni/spider silk, as shown in Fig. 14. A Quantum Design RSO SQUID magnetometer was used to characterize the Ni/spider silk film at 300◦ K. 4%, respectively. These measurements were performed on a 14% w/w (Ni:spider-silk solution) sample.

4%, respectively. These measurements were performed on a 14% w/w (Ni:spider-silk solution) sample. Bulk Ni, on the other hand, has Ms , Hc and Mr /Ms values of 55 emu/g, 100 Oe and 5%, respectively 51 . It can be seen that the Ms of the Ni/spider silk is significantly lower than that of the bulk Ni, indicating that the Ni/spider silk is less magnetic. However, the values of Hc and Mr /Ms for the Ni/spider silk are comparable to those of the bulk Ni, indicating that the Ni/spider silk material retains ferromagnetic properties.

The loading force was increased gradually and the displacement was recorded until the beam fractured. The spider silk microbridge is assumed as a fixed-fixed beam structural member with a rectangular cross section. Since the load is applied on to the beam through a large silicon chip to prevent a local indentation, the beam experiences a distributed load. The maximum moment experienced by the two fixed ends of the beam can be modeled as 48 : M = F × L/12 where M is the maximum moment at the fixed-ends, F is the loading force applied by the indentation tip and L is the length of the undeformed beam.

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