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Bill Gates by Ruth Strother

By Ruth Strother

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Thrilled. They spent He could see the simplest way to do things in mathematics. He’s as good an analytical their Saturdays at mathematician as I’ve worked with in all my C-Cubed, and soon years of teaching. But Bill was really good they were going in all areas, not just math. He’s got a lot of breadth. It’s one of the unusual things after school as well. about him. Gates even sneaked ᇺᇺ ᇺᇺ ᇺᇺ 1 ᇺᇺ • 36 • Bill Gates out at night to go there. C-Cubed had “hired” four extremely smart teenage boys who “A child’s impulse to make a toy do more is at were obsessed with computers.

Electronics announced the new 8080 chip made They were both by Intel to control traffic lights. It had ten times the very intense people: power of the 8008. It was just a bit bigger, but ᇺᇺ held 2,700 more transistors, and it was cheap— only $200. Intel and the rest of the computer industry saw the 8080 merely as an improvement on the 8008. Bill Gates felt differently, ᇺᇺ ᇺᇺ Paul and I looked past the limits of that new chip and saw a different kind of computer that would be perfect for us, and for everyone—personal, affordable, and adaptable.

The computerized scheduling program they developed was a success. A Serious Programmer Partway through his senior year, Gates was contacted by defense contractor TRW. The contractor was having major problems with a program that was littered with bugs. In its search for people who were experts at finding computer bugs, the names Bill Gates and Paul Allen kept coming up. TRW wanted to hire them full time to fix the program’s bugs. Lakeside allowed Gates to miss the second trimester. Gates and Allen eagerly started their first full-time job at the TRW offices in Vancouver, British Columbia.

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