Bas van Fraassen’s Approach to Representation and Models in by Wenceslao J. Gonzalez

By Wenceslao J. Gonzalez

This ebook analyzes Bas van Fraassen’s characterization of illustration and types in technology. during this regard, it provides the philosophical coordinates of his procedure and can pay consciousness to his structural empiricism as a framework for his perspectives on clinical representations and versions. those are constructed the following via new contributions made by means of van Fraassen. moreover, there are analyses of the relation among types and fact in his method, the place the complexity of this notion is taken into account intimately. additionally, there's an exam of medical rationalization and epistemic values judgments. This quantity contains a wealth of bibliographical details on his philosophy and proper philosophical issues.

Bas van Fraassen is a key determine in modern philosophy of technology, because the prestigious Hempel Award indicates. His perspectives on clinical illustration provide new principles on the way it might be characterised, and his notion of types indicates a novelty that is going past different empiricists’ techniques of modern instances. either facets — the characterization of clinical illustration and the perception of versions in technology — are a part of a planned try to forge a “structural empiricism,” an alternative choice to structural realism according to an elaborated model of empiricism.

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