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At walls of Troy and Mycenae

Army background of the mostancient Greece. Обзорный рассказ о военной системе Греции доэллинистического периода. Осада Трои, воины Микенского государства, система фортификационных сооружений Древних Микен. Способы ведения боевых действий древнейших греческих царей. Воспетых в гомеровских поэмах. Материал книги основан на археологических данных. В книге приводится немало фотографий реальных предметов вооружения, извлеченных из древних гробниц и могильников в Греции и в Малой Азии.

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If this date is correct, which is based on radiocarbon dating with further confirmation from ice-core dates from Greenland and dendrochronological evidence from Northern Ireland, then the whole chronological system of the eastern Mediterranean needs to be changed. g. Early Cycladic, Middle Minoan, Late Helladic) rather than in terms of its supposed duration in calendar years BC. Historical phasing in Aegean archaeology is primarily based upon a regional classification system derived from common traits in material culture, socio-political organisation and religious beliefs.

Author's collection) structures. These terraces were usually built in compartments for strength and filled with relatively small stones mixed with soil and domestic rubbish, largely pottery. Such terraces required advances in drainage; water was allowed to seep through to be channelled out by built drains through the outer terrace walling. In the case of curtain-walls the drains were carefully built narrowing at the outlet so that the press of water would keep the exit clear. Tools available to Mycenaean builders included the pendulum-saw and the bow-drill, as well as bronze axe and adze blades.

Introduction Fortification systems are pre-eminently the materialised expression of the human fear of being attacked, and of losing life, freedom or property. Thus for as long as humankind has required protection it has built fortifications. Put simply, the art of fortification consists of the combination of terrain with available materials to form defences. Conversely, siegecraft concerns the attack of these fortifications. Throughout history there has been a changing balance between attack and defence as technology and tactics swing the advantage first one way and then the other.

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