Archegetes oikistes, and new-oikistes : the cults of by Lane, Christine Sharon

By Lane, Christine Sharon

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The details of the proposed agreement as reported by Procopius reveal some of the points of contention between the Amal king (and probably his predecessors) and the emperor. 22–31, ed. Dewing; cf. 8–10 and Procopius, Secret History 16, ed. and trans. Dewing, where he claims that the murder was instigated by the empress Theodora; Jordanes, Getica 307. 23–25, ed. Dewing. 108 Croke, “AD 476”; Amory, People, pp. 135–47; Mirşanu, “Imperial Policy”. Barnish, “Cuncta Italiae membra”, p. 332 notes that already during the early 530s, Justinian “occasionally legislated with Gothic Italy in mind”.

There, Theoderic, acting on behalf of his grandson Amalaric, removed Gesalic—the son of Alaric II by another mother—from power. Gesalic received support from the Vandal and Frankish kings, but was defeated in 511 and again in 513. As a result, Spain was ruled as part of the Ostrogothic 63 Heather, Goths, pp. 236–48, Wiemer, “Goten”, pp. 606–15. 64 See Arnold in this volume. 65 Mathisen, “Clovis”; Heather, Goths, p. a. 508, ed. Croke. 66 The major theme in relations between Italy and the East, apart from Constantinople’s role as a power broker in the West, was ecclesiastical politics.

But we also need to take note of the fact that such antagonistic language was available, and that orthodoxy and heterodoxy, Roman libertas and barbarian oppression, could become buzzwords in describing the diverging views of different interest groups in the kingdom. 82 These events, moreover, occurred in a period of external tensions. In Burgundy King Sigismund murdered Sigeric, his son by Theoderic’s daughter Ostrogotho in 522; shortly thereafter, the Merovingian king, Chlodomer, attacked Burgundy.

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