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Antique Pistol Collecting (1400-1860) by James; Andrews, Ronald Frith

By James; Andrews, Ronald Frith

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Another form of duel was for the and fire when they pleased. Dawn was the favoured position parties to advance towards each other time, as the light was poor. So far as the legal was concerned, the authorities seem attitude that although it was really illegcJ, and had in bidden by Royal Proclamation more than once, [24] to have taken it fact up the been for- was, nevertheless, a ANTIQUE PISTOL COLLECTING matter between gentlemen. This attitude was adopted, no doubt, because the officers of the Crown and others of equal standing were the ones most hkely to be engaged in a duel.

The first percussion revolving pistols were called 'pepper-boxes' and weapons appeared. With these, pressure on the trigger caused the hammer to rise and fall (the correct description being 'double action') and the barrels to rotate, bringing a fresh one into position for firing. The main drawback with them was the heavy trigger pull necessary for these operations. This, combined hand rotated. But soon self-rotating with the central position of the hammer, prevented accurate shooting, All the same, they had the great advantage of being able to fire five or and consequently, were in great demand for travelling and house protection.

XFI, XVII and XVIII. Considerable numbers were officer's pistols See Plates XII, No. i, converted from flintlock. See Plates XII, No. weapons were returned to the has the work been done that it cases the fully i, XIII and XV. In some original makers, is very and so beauti- difficult to detect the vdth flintlock ignition awaiting purchasers in the alteration. Others gunsmiths' shops were converted ready for sale. Although duelling and were usually made with the half-stock, sometimes called the short forearm stock, the full-length stock continued to be made in officer's pistols limited numbers.

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