A Visual Analogy Guide to Human Anatomy & Physiology by Paul A. Krieger

By Paul A. Krieger

A visible Analogy consultant to Human Anatomy and body structure through Paul A. Krieger makes use of visible analogies and different designated learn instruments to aid the coed in studying info of human anatomy and body structure. This two-color e-book can be utilized along side any textbook. scholars can label diagrams, create their very own drawings or colour current black and white illustrations to higher comprehend the offered fabric.

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Nuclear membrane (still forming) 36 CELLS—Structure and Function Cell Cycle and Mitosis d. a. e. Cell Cycle b. R P H A T E I N S c. E 1. S g. f. G2 G1 T A M P S M I T O S I h. To recall the phases of the cell cycle, use this mnemonic: h. KEY 2. P = prophase i. I Passed My Anatomy Test M = metaphase A = anaphase T = telophase 3. i. 4. 5. j. i. 6. 6. 37 CELLS—Structure and Function DNA Replication and Cell Division Description Because DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) is THE genetic material, it has to be replicated in preparation for normal cell division so that a copy of it can be placed in each new daughter cell (see p.

In this case, it cleaves the covalent bond linking the terminal phosphate group to the second phosphate group. During this process, water is split into a hydroxyl group (OH-) and a hydrogen atom (H). The hydroxyl group binds to the phosphorus atom (P) in the terminal phosphate group while the hydrogen binds to the oxygen atom on the second phosphate group (see illustration). As a result, a more stable molecule called adenosine diphosphate (ADP) is formed as a result of the decreased repulsion between the phosphate groups.

H O H H O H O O H2O semipermeable aritificial membrane pore protein (impermeable to membrane) BEFORE AFTER Three possibilities: Isotonic solution I feel happy and normal! Hypertonic solution I feel dehydrated! Hypotonic solution I feel like I am ready to pop! H2O IN H2O H2O OUT (2) (1) My drawings of the three (3) possibilities: (1) (2) (3) (3) 49 CELLS—Structure and Function Passive Membrane Transport: Filtration Description Filtration falls under the category of passive transport and has the following features: ● Requires a force (blood pressure) to make it happen ● Requires a pressure gradient.

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