A Dictionary of Biology by M. Abercrombie; C. J. Hickman; M. L. Johnson

By M. Abercrombie; C. J. Hickman; M. L. Johnson

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Bilaterally symmetrical. Capable of being halved in one, and only one, plane in such a way that the two halves are approximately mirror-images of each other. Usually this plane lies anteroposteriorly and dorso-ventrally, thus separating similar right and left halves. g. all vertebrates, arthropods, and worm-shaped animals. g. snapdragon, is often called zygomorphy. See Radial Symmetry. bile. Secretion of liver of vertebrates, passed through bile-duct to duodenum. Important in digestion of fats, which, through action of are broken into minute droplets (emulsified).

Crabs. (2) ; principle structural component and starch the principal stored food. carbon cycle. World-wide circulation of carbon atoms brought about mainly by living things. Essentially, carbon from carbon dioxide is built into complex organic compounds by plants during photosynthesis. These compounds are then broken down again to carbon dioxide during respiration and after death by decay of the plants; or the plants are eaten by herbivorous animals which in turn may be eaten by carnivores (see Food-chain) and the carbon compounds are sooner or later broken down to carbon dioxide by respiration or death and decay of the animals.

Order (or class) of Arthropoda. See Myriapoda. chimaera. (1) Organism whose tissues are of two or more genetically different kinds. Can occur as a result of mutation or abnormal distribution of chromosomes, affecting one cell and all its descendants, during development; or as a result of natural or artificial grafting of two different plants, whose cells become associated, producing mixing of characters such a plant is often called a graft hybrid. See Mosaic. (2) Generic name of a fish 'King of the Herrings' (Holo: cephali).

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