48th Pugwash Conference on Science & World Affairs: The Long by Joseph Rotblat

By Joseph Rotblat

During this textual content, scientists who're pre-eminent of their fields concentrate on the an important position of technological know-how within the transition clear of a tradition of struggle in the direction of the development of peace in line with a means to expect and stop damaging conflicts. the subject material, wide-ranging and of serious main issue to humans all over the place, comprises the growth and clients for a nuclear-weapon-free international; non-nuclear threats to peace and defense; the development of valid international associations; clash solution and the development of peace; the neighborhood and international environmental dimensions of peace; the well-being risks of nuclear chemical and organic guns; and the interactions among illnesses and poverty.

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In general, they arise from deep social and political problems. Treating terrorism simply as a security issue is only a short-term solution, and retaliatory measures are unproductive since they can convert moderates into extremists. Organized crime, including drug trafficking, has different roots from terrorism and operates in a different way, working to corrupt the social framework. Globalization of markets, advances in telecommunications technology, falling commodity prices, armed conflict, debt, and mass migration have all worked to enhance the wealth and power of international crime organizations in the past decade.

Finally, Secretary General George Rathjens addressed the Conference, discussing the impasse in nuclear disarmament and diverging views on how best to react to the recent nuclear events in South Asia. Other plenary sessions discussed Conflict Negotiation and Mediation: Internal and International Dimensions (with Miguel Alvarez, Bengt Broms, Raul Benitez Manaut and Marie Muller); Sovereignty and Interdependence in the Caribbean Region (with Claude Heller, Orlando Fundora Lopez and Tommie Sue Montgomery); and Nuclear Disarmament: Is This as Good as It Gets?

There is some prospect, therefore, that the START process will be resurrected. This is provided that the USA does not abrogate the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty, as a result of its determination to create a national missile defence. Another nuclear threat, exacerbated by the faltering progress of disarmament, is that one or a few nuclear weapons might be exploded by a fanatical national leader, not now in possession of nuclear weapons, or by a sub-state group. Building a nuclear device, in particular one using highlyenriched uranium, is a relatively simple matter.

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